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What is the correct way to start a fire?

a) You will need small pieces of dry wood (kindling) and paper. Use only newspaper or paper that has not been coated or had unknown materials glued or applied to it. Never use coated (typically advertising flyers) or coloured paper.

b) Open the door of the wood stove.

c) Crumple several pieces of paper and place them in the centre of the firebox and directly on to the fire bricks of the wood stove (see product information supplied with your stove). Never use a grate to elevate the fire.

d) Place small pieces of dry wood (kindling) over the paper in a "teepee" manner. This allows for good air circulation, which is critical for good combustion.

e) Light the crumpled paper in 2 or 3 locations. Note: It is important to heat the air in the stovepipe for draft to start.

f) Fully open the air control of the wood stove (see product information supplied with your stove) and close the door until it is slightly open, allowing for much needed air to be introduced into the firebox. Never leave the door fully open as sparks from the kindling may occur, causing injury. As the fire begins to burn the kindling, some additional kindling may be needed to sustain the fire. DO NOT add more paper after the fire has started.

g) Once the kindling has started to burn, start by adding some of your smaller pieces of firewood. Note: Adding large pieces at the early stages will only serve to smother the fire. Continue adding small pieces of firewood, keeping the door slightly open until each piece starts to ignite. Remember to always open the door slowly between placing wood into the fire.

h) Once the wood has started to ignite and the smoke has reduced, close the wood stove door fully. The reduction of smoke is a good indication that the draft in the chimney has started and good combustionis now possible. Larger pieces of firewood can now be added when there is sufficient space in the firebox. Adjust the air control setting to desired setting (see product information supplied with your stove).

Always buy your wood early

When you receive your wood stack it in rows and allow space between each row and make sure it is off of the ground. put a cover over the pile or store in a wood shed to keep the wood dry.

Chimney Installation and Maintenance

Avoid using too many elbows or long horizontal runs. If in doubt, contact a chimney expert and/or chimney manufacturer for help. Clean chimney, rain caps and especially spark arrester regularly, to prevent creosote build-up, which will significantly reduce chimney draw and possibly a chimney fire PLEASE VISIT OUR REFFERED BUSINESS PAGE FOR A CHIMNEY EXPERT!

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